FCFL – Understanding FCFL’s Blockchain Platform

Traditionally passionate fans of the fast-paced football action sat back watching football action, and all they could do was wish they could have a say on what the coaches did and didn’t do. However, that is bound to change with FCFL, an interactive sports platform for esports. FCFL hands over control over leagues, venues, gameplay and production to the fans. This platform is trustworthy as it is built on top-notch security systems.

FCFL aims to use blockchain technology  and utility tokens to create a fan-controlled and a professional sports league.


Through FCFL, the teams and the fans compete for more than $1,000,000 during the season. The fans, teams, and coaches that participate in the competition and win the championship share the prize money. With the minimum championship standing at $1,000,000, players and the coaches share one fifty percent, and the remaining fifty percent shared among some of the top fans.

Besides the percentage won from the championship prize, a percentage of the league revenue, for example, revenue raised from the in-app purchases, is included in the prize pool hence creating a progressively growing championship purse every season.

Also, FCFL works on securing brand sponsors who will contribute to the prize purse making sure that you get a good prize for being a fan. The ultimate goal is to create the highest championship with the highest possible payout to the players, fans, and the coaches. It is, therefore, clear, that joining this interactive league build on the blockchain platform is the best thing you can do as a fan. You no longer have to cheer on a team, expecting nothing in return!

The format of the game

FCFL takes a cue from the explosive popularity of influential broadcast e-sports and aims to deliver non-stop football action in just one hour. Such rules aim to encourage a fast-paced and a wide-open style of play that reduces penalties as well as the stoppage time.

This league will also eliminate special teams so that it can deliver high-intensity football plays from start to finish.

The games will be played on a 50-yard field that has 10-yard end zones, as well as padded walls. Unlike the traditional league games, the FCFL league will allow players to showcase their talents and personalities on the field. There will be no fines applied to the players if they remove their helmets in celebration of wins.

Instead of the penalties, the games will feature touchdown celebrations and the player with the best celebration of the week, receives a cash bonus. The celebration winner is determined by the fans. This is an effort to amplify the social media engine of the league by creating memorable and highly shareable moments.

League’s structure

Other than the cash bonuses and the celebration of the week, the league takes the organization seriously to ensure ease of operations.

The league is set to kick off with eight new franchises. Each of the franchises has a roster of 18 players, all selected by the fans. There are two divisions each made of four teams with the top team in each division making the cut to the playoffs alongside two other wildcard teams from either division.

Each season will feature 16-game regular season with playoff games, as well as championship games.

With the one-hour game format, the teams get to play more frequently, more than once a week. As a result, the entire duration of the seasons will be short; allowing for two full football seasons annually.

Rules of the game

Both the NFL and college football fans will easily understand the FCFL from the day it kicks off. The main changes from the traditional football games include:

  1. 1-hour games are running on the clock with 5-minute long half-times.
  2. The league is a 7×7 rather than a 11×11 with an offensive lineup similar to flag football you could have played before. This is a three offensive linemen, three skilled position players, and a quarterback.
  3. Something else, there are no field goals in this league. There are no punts, extra points, and the teams have to go for it on the fourth down.
  4. The field is only half as long as an outdoor field and surrounded by padded walls.

Note that these rules aren’t fixed, and they will change with the increase in the speed of the game. There are fewer penalties, and every game will be the most intense football game you have ever experienced and controlled.

Sporting arena

Thanks to technological advancements, the studio arena will operate like a high-tech production studio.

Players and the Draft

This FCFL league targets 2018 as the first year that it begins hosting and inviting players to the invite-only, regional football tryouts. If you aren’t invited, you will have to send your profile to FCFL’s website.

Looking at the structure of this league, it may be the best league controlled by fans, ever created. For now, watch out and get ready to control a football league.

Links of interest:

Website: https://fcfl.io

Twitter: https://twitter.com/fcflio